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Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch Guide: How to Play

For the “Tetris” fanatic, “Axis” offers a staggering number of different ways to play. Needless to say, no matter how much “Tetris” you’ve played in your life, there’s going to be something here you haven’t tried, and there’s a good chance that you’re going to enjoy it. Join in as we take a listen to some new arrangements of some well-loved tunes. In Tetris 99, pieces fall faster as based on a timer, regardless of how many players are left.

Tetris DS supports 2 or 4 players online via Nintendo Wi-Fi or 10 players locally. Along with several new modes of play, Tetris DS features several unique and eye-appealing themes from past Nintendo titles such as The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Super Mario Bros. Items are also a new introduction to the Tetris series.

  • There are numerous levels and the gameplay split into two screens.
  • The experiment results show that GAs and MVPA are very effective in optimizing the state space in the Tetris game, and the MVPA algorithm is also faster in finding solutions.
  • This is when a Tetrimino is put into a position where it’s no longer moveable.

It’s safe to say that 99.9% of Gameboy users had a copy of this game. It’s usually the case when games come bundled with a console, and anyone who bought the original grey DMG probably bagged Tetris too. It’s an easy to pick up, hard to put down NES title that everyone needs.


For those who have played any other version of Tetris, this can be a bit frustrating since you need to use some strategy when placing blocks on the game. The graphics are somewhat bland, and most of the backgrounds have an understated, washed-out look. The controls are surprising in that they do not use the touch screen controls at all! Instead you use the pressure-sensitive buttons to perform jumps of varying heights

The PlayStation 5 is here, but that doesn’t mean you should count the PlayStation 4 out just yet. That’s not to mention the deep and outstanding library of games that the PS4 has built up over the years. From tight puzzle games to sprawling open-world adventures, the PS4’s library has it all.

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For more details on randomizer history, check out this article. We’re here to fill your brain with a generous helping of Tetris lingo. By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll know the difference between a Hard and Soft Drop, and pull off T-Spins like a pro. Morgan is a writer from the frozen wastelands of Maine who enjoys metal music, kpop, horror, and indie games. They’re also a Tetris fanatic who’s fiercely competitive in games like Tetris 99… The NES Tetris scene has been booming over the years thanks to the likes of competitions like the Classic Tetris World Championships.

The single-player campaign consists of a total of ten levels. A non-timed game ends prematurely if the pieces reach the top of the pit. In A-Type, the level advances for every 10 lines cleared.

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